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Published On: September 19, 2017 09:12 AM NPT By: Shrijana Poudel

Believe in Kindness and Humanity

Believe in Kindness and Humanity

Humans, known as cognizant, are superior of all beings. Among many abilities, an extraordinary ability to showcase spontaneous gesture of kindness toward fellow humans, undoubtedly, makes us special beings. 

Commendable as it sounds, we Nepalis are typically famous for our friendly and generous nature. It is overwhelming to see one people helping the other; humanity is truly praiseworthy. No matter where we belong, albeit, as a human being we need to have compassion and kindness toward fellow humans.

Even small acts of kindness like offering seat to an elderly person in a bus or helping them cross a road gives us a feeling of satisfaction.

Our country is facing a great physical and economical loss. It is disheartening to say that our beloved brothers and sisters are compelled to leave their homes to escape ruthlessness of nature. Physical, mental, emotional and economical amount of losses they have had to go through as a result of bestial inundation is insurmountable. 

While we are fortunate enough to have access to daily meals and a comfortable bed, our heart goes tender when we think of the flood survivors and quake victims.

As we become grateful to what we have, why not offer our prayers, finances, love or kind words to those in need? We can spread these acts of kindness and it won’t hurt if we lend a supporting hand to these struggling souls.

Adding to that, supporting someone in need makes us forget our own troubles, moreover, helping us realize how small actually our troubles are.

At the end of the day we all are humans and humanity ties us all, particularly in difficult times. In addition to being grateful for having family and friends whom we hold close, we also need to have compassion for those who are suffering.


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