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Published On: January 24, 2021 03:19 PM NPT By: Rajani Regmi

The question...

The question...

Life has asked us a
Multitude of times,
a constant repeated question,
Just with a different tone and rhyme;
and you ,me and us, conquered the mountains,
tampered with fire,
contemplated from dawn to dusk,
just to hear the voice long suppressed  within us,
Life has given us
multitude of opportunities
to answer that very question
Just with a different language and style
and you,me and us, travelled the moon and back
meddled with every possible theory and law
Prayed and prayed to every invisible entity,
Just to hear the voice long suppressed within us,
Where is peace? This question Cannot be answered externally,
It is the very voice that  for all along
has been within us,
The very voice that needs emanicipation
Oh how very sad it is brutally enslaved!!


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