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Published On: October 7, 2021 01:39 PM NPT By: Rajani Regmi

Go Stand Up!

Go Stand Up!

When quite truth is about to be silenced with loud drum of lies, Stand Up!
When solidarity for a right cause asks one more supporting hand , Stand Up!
When rational moral judgement is threatened by the narrowness of unethical greed Stand Up!
When your character is assassinated witb tainted colours of lies, Stand Up!
When your voice is that key to bring about even one small change Stand Up!
When life gives you one thousand reasons to cry, to find that one cause to smile Go Stand Up!
When you need to optimize yout potentiality and maximize your capacity Stand Up!
When the voice in your heart tella you you need to break barriers and make a legacy, Stand Up!
Dear you,
Go find that burning cause that keeps you sleepless
Withh all the dark doors there is one beaming light that will ring in your ears
"Go stand up and set the world on fire!"

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