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Published On: July 4, 2021 01:20 PM NPT By: Rajani Regmi

Why are we alive?

Why are we alive?

Are we alive to walk by time in years as the uncertain life and death clock ticks by?
Are we alive to stare at the reflection in the mirror shadowed by conscious and unconscious sighs?
Are we alive to create a transcending history with each of our personal stories?
Are we alive for the heart-felt smiles or are we here for the uncalled cries?
Are we alive to create moments that can then only be recreated in “yesterday’s” memories?
Are we alive for the silent blessings or are here for the piercing loud curses?
Are we alive to love or to comprehend the meaning of it?
Are we alive to rejoice the “defined” accomplishments or to lament the unexpressed frustrations?
Are we alive to memorize the infinite discoveries or to unveil our hidden treasuries? 
Are we alive to pass down this inherited lineage to another generation or simply adjust in nature’s isolation?
Are we alive to feel every discreet note of pain in the melodies and “gazals” or to simple amuse in destiny’s puzzle?
Are we alive to leave behind a legacy or to forever live and die being our own “somebody”?
 Whatever the story, to understand the meaning we have less than a century,
May you and I be able to live life before the very final goodbye!

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