Published On: October 14, 2019 02:31 PM NPT By: Sangam Gharti Magar

Temple with wildlife: Kalika temple

Temple with wildlife: Kalika temple

Located in the heart of Gandaki Province, Kalika Temple has already received hundreds of tourists because of its holy importance. But after the establishment of Wildlife Conservation Park, the number of visitors is even more than usual.

So, this has helped to realize Kalika Temple and it’s surroundings as a potential tourist destination, having religious and wildlife conservational purposes.  According to Raju Khadka, Chairman of Kalika Bhagwati Guthi Management Committee, the tourists from various countries come here to see the wildlife. “Before, they only used to come here to worship at the temple. Thanks to the park, now they are able to watch the animals, in addition. Thus, there is an increment of visitors at Kalika Temple.”

Despite the fact, that the park is still in its construction phase, tourists are increasing here. There are lots to work on. However, one can already see wild animals and birds such as deer, leopard, squirrel, kalijs, monkeys, owls, rabbits and more in the park. Among them, only two deers and 12 rabbits are kept around the temple, while the rest of them are left to roam in the jungle. Currently, the wildlife conservation looks after over 190 Ropani jungle.

As asked the reason behind for freeing deers in the temple area, the chairman replied of a plan to form a mini zoo. “We kept deer in the bars, so that, the tourists can enjoy watching those anytime they want. We just wanted to have a convenient way for the visitors,” he said.  “Ever since we have named it as a ‘mini zoo’, the numbers of tourists have increased drastically.”



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