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Charm of Resham Baglung Kalika

Charm of Resham Baglung Kalika

BAGLUNG, March 28: Resham Baglung Kalika temple and the grand celebration of the Chaite Dashain festival are two things that give a unique identity to Baglung district. The temple does not only have cultural and historical importance but it has also become a factor for socio-economic development of Baglung district. 

There are many legends associated with the establishment of Resham Baglung Kalika temple. This is a historical place and a huge number of devotees come here during festivities like Chaite Dashain and Bada Dashain. This year, Chaite Dashain was celebrated on March 23. Special events at the temple premises such as Dohari competition, T-20 cricket tournament, volleyball competition and other activities added much fanfare for the celebration.

Among many legends associated with this temple, there is one story of Parbate King Pratapi Naryan Singh Malla who established the trend of celebrating Chaite Dashian and Bada Dashain in grand manner. The legend has it that in 1591, Parbate King Pratapi Narayan Singh Malla married King Manimukunda Sen’s daughter. She brought the idol of Majhaki Devi now known as Kalika Devi (Goddess Kalika) in dowry. On the way to Malla’s residence, the bride and others took rest at the same place where the temple is situated now. The temple was built when nobody in that procession was able to move the idol of the goddess. And that’s how the temple was established and Chaite Dashain became the main festival here.

In the book ‘Baglungka Pawar Khadka’ by journalist Bidur Khadka, it is mentioned that King Paratapi Narayan’s grandfather, Dimba Bam Malla, was a great devotee of Lord Jagannath. And the act of sacrificing animals in temple were prohibited in the surrounding areas of Jagannath temples. Hence the shrine for Majhi Devi was established at Bagerchaur, Baglung. And to make her happy, King Pratapi Narayan started fun activities like singing and sports on the day of Chaite Dashain, which continues till today. Moreover, Dashain is celebrated as the day of all Hindu mother goddesses.

Nowadays, it is believed the one who worships and sacrifices animals in Baglung Kalika temple will get their wish fulfilled. Due to this belief, thousands of animals such as goat, buffalo, duck and pigs are scarified in this temple. According to the president of Khadka Temple Management Committee Guthi, Raju Khadka, every year in Dashain around five lakh and in Chaite Dashain six lakh domestic and international tourists visit the temple. During Bada Dashain devotees tend to perform rituals for their wishes and in Chaite Dashain devotees come here for fun and devotion. 

Likewise, you can also find the age-old trend of offering gold or silver after the devotees’ wishes are fulfilled. At one time, as much as 15 kilograms of silver was offered to the goddess. And it has been used to decorate the entrance door of the temple.

In Baglung, Dohori songs and Chaite Dashain are taken as synonyms and every year Dohori competition is organized during the ChaiteDashin. Senior president of Nepal Lok Dohori Academy and Judge of Lok Dohori competition of last year, Ramesh BG, said: “Chaite Dashain Lok Dohori competition has produced lots of Lok Dohori singers in Nepal and it’s a very old tradition of Baglung.”

The Festival Management Committee of Baglung has also allocated budget for the winners of the Lok Dohori competition. According to Kumar Khadka, secretary of the management committee, “Cash prizes of Rs 111,000, Rs 55,000 and Rs 33,000 are provided to the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up of the Dohori competition respectively.”

Likewise, ‘Kalika Cup’, a volleyball competition was also organized during the festival  and the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up of the competition bagged cash prizes of Rs, 150,000, Rs 100,000 and 50,000 respectively. Similarly, T-20 cricket competition was also organized on the occasion of Chaite Dashain and 18 different teams participated in the competition.  

Khadka Temple Management Committee Guthi has also started wild animal conservation park. One can now witness deer in the temple premises. Besides that, Baglung Municipality has allocated Rs 1,500,000 for the development of tourism in the district.

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