Published On: December 31, 2017 08:58 AM NPT By: Pooja Bista

Technology invasion in our lives

Technology invasion in our lives

Technology has become so insidious into our daily lives. People are more or less connecting- and disconnecting - as technology offers varieties of nominal communication. It has slowly pushed people in isolation. However, no one has yet calculated fewer opportunities to connect with each other in the physical world. 

Technology has become our companion in our daily rat race. In fact, the bustle of life means that our ears are stuffed with two little earphones from our phone, playing our personalized playlists. Those ears have alienated us from any person or else say from the real world. Those earphones have made us distant from the songs of nature and birds, noise in the market, weeping of a baby or any pleasant or unpleasant sounds around us. And in many times, the sealed ears readily find a quick excuse to ignore anything. 

Mobile and internet has become the top most barriers around our personal time and social life. Today, we post and keep updating our little things in any social media platforms. Yet, we fail to update and customized our personal settings linked with our future visions. 

Else say, we are living paradoxically; trying to chat with strangers but never exchanged a hello with our neighbour; commented or reacted to a friend’s post but never tried to express true gratitude to our near ones; captioned inspiring quotes but are never inspired within and many more. 

Sometimes I feel that our generations has lost the true value of deep conversations, acquiring knowledge from nature, sharing ideas, creations or innovations and becoming true to self because some of us are still busy tagging our heartbroken feelings with twenty five others. 

Not only that, we capture the pictures of foods, we pass our condolence with a RIP like we are so busy that we have no time to express those emotions in a true manner or we easily throw our judgements on somebody just like we mean it. Look around, technology is being used to waste your productive time by playing mini militia or filtering your selfie.

Meanwhile, there’d be nothing surprising to witness the close yet so far relationships within our family members welcomed by our all-time friendly technology. In fact, we are habitual of watching filmy shows and voting on some realty shows rather than knowing about each others’ favourites. However, we can’t deny the fact how a global village has been created in this era of information and technology.

It is said that our lust for future comfort is the biggest thief of life. Although we now have attractive TVs, we have less attractive use of our minds, we have smartphones rather than smart people, we have legalised citizenships to robots but in some parts of world people are worrying and struggling for their identity in their homeland. Though, technology has acted as a revolutionary agent, people somehow manage to misuse it. 

Instead of living a life full of illusions that people are even interested in your personal life, notice how they have been giving thumbs up on your sad stories in real life. Along with that, our daily lives have been corrupted due to the misuse of such technology for our entertainment. 

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