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Published On: August 3, 2017 01:36 PM NPT By: Subesh Gupta



The statements are heard, in most common places, almost everywhere, maybe shouting or asking the liberality about the platitudes of our success. It often comes to us through the people that surround us. And then it begins the act of pleasing all but yourself, for the sake of not being considered as purposeless.

Though the purpose we seek has become obscured behind the shadow, whatever be the process of measuring success, the more we possess the more we are considered to be successful in today’s society. And this statement spans entire presence and proximity, all of whom are constantly struggling to keep up with the larger and larger part of success every day. Yet, with this much success, it is often easy to miss the big picture.

At this point of life, it feels like success is automatically connecting the dots towards our happiness – providing a structured and easy way to discover hidden connections. We have a high opinion of being successful by any means.

We try to measure a man's success by his lawful or unlawful possessions rather than by his endless endeavor to succeed. Yet, we often never fail to judge without understanding the real situation. For now, those who are successful are respected generally, though, not all are successful to be respected in real.

Though failures are not worthy of remarks, they when succeed become stories never heard before. Remotely all men can stand adversity, but if to test a man's character, see how patiently one kept on trying without giving up. And any time unlike if success bump up against failure after a long toil, it would not be needed to describe it as happiness.

Successful ones will see happiness in their possessions but failures in their struggle. The only difference is the way of accomplishments which determines to be or not to be: satisfied and happy. The light of dawn after the long night will last eternally if deep down we believed that April showers brings May flower.

To understand the true meaning of success one must be able to distinguish between pleasure and happiness. All the possessions we try to gather throughout our lives are just like a swarm of fireflies mistaken for an Ignis Fatuus, which will eventually fly away when approached.

Happiness and success is a juxtaposition of accomplishments that shows a correlation between perception and reality for determining the success or failure of any person. If we think ourselves successful of possessions, we will win false satisfaction and true distress.

But if we try to connect the dots from backward, we realize that if we are satisfied with what we have now, we are already successful enough to win true solitude and peace of mind. So never let our success to be measured by others.

If we take pride over our little achievements, we come to realize that a satisfied life is better than a successful life.

Subesh is studying CA at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal, Lalitpur.

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