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Published On: March 1, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Subesh Gupta

Rendezvous with Self

Rendezvous with Self

We all are looking forward to learning more about ourselves, though we might get distracted when time comes. There always have been new developments and outcomes in the quest of progressive results, for ourselves to determine whether we have secured a better place in terms of wealth and comforts. It's the general human tendency of a continuing effort for progressive results and similar conceptions to build up over time. As such, the process of building up everything so fast, instead of slowing down and having few contemplative time for self, turned out to be missing the rendezvous within. At the same point, the eccentricity of self opinionated behavior represents the best knowledge we have at any given time.

Eventually, the introspection starts with the questions with self. Are we in quest for profoundness for real? Or are we not yet ready to embark on it? The answers remaining unanswered for unequivocal truth, the pursuit of spirituality lies beyond the shadow of doubts. Throughout the life, self-consciousness is nurtured by the false notion of self-awareness. Though the awareness of one's body and one's environment is consciousness; but self-awareness is more about the recognition of that consciousness. Moreover, self-awareness does not just understand that one exists, but further does that one is aware of one's existence. Therefore, what sort of truth we might achieve is determined by what sort of lies we have overcame through.

All such simplest clarifications start with the practical. The practice starts with the lessons, and the lesson starts with understanding of the difference between the mindfulness and obliviousness. Self-awareness is mindfulness and self-consciousness is obliviousness. Since our childhood we all have been conscious about the happenings around us, yet, oblivious about the happenings inside us. Therefore, the practice of attaining mindfulness gradually strengthens our mind's ability to cultivate a peaceful abiding inside us. Such holistic transformations are transcendental which can only be experienced when we reckon that what lies before and behind us are nothing compared to what lies within us.

The way we think can affect the attitude towards our lives. Therefore, the act of practicing mindfulness is to change the way we think and believe the attitude of ‘Carpe diem’ towards our lives. For example: in practicing mindfulness if one is instructed to observe the breath and be aware whether it is a long breath or short breath, one needs to remember to do this, rather than forget after a few minutes, hours and so forth. That is, one has to remember that one should be doing is remembering the breath. In doing so, one should remember the breath; one remembers that one should be doing a meditation. In remembering that one should be doing a meditation, one remembers that one should be cognizant of true self. In remembering that one should be cognizant of true self, one remembers that one should be trying to triumph over false self and root out greed, hatred and delusion. Conversely, in forgetting the breath, one forgets that one is doing a meditation. In forgetting that one is doing a meditation, one forgets that one is cognizant of true self. In forgetting that one is cognizant of true self one forgets that one is trying to triumph over false self and root out greed, hatred and delusion.

In today's world, the intelligence of a billionaire and the wisdom of a monk can be at opposing ends of a spectrum, or be one in the same, as if one trying to become the other. At certain points of time, we try to follow both based on the facts of changing perceptiveness. But, as we move forward from our materialistic dimension, we come off to know the other dimension, i.e. spiritual dimension of knowing self inside-out. Our own learning from wrong judgments leads us towards the endurance of spiritual pursuits like meditation and austerities. The practice develops the sagacity of us and helps us to understand if we want to follow others or let others follow us.

Are we conscious and yet unaware or aware and yet unconscious? Why are we not being able to free ourselves from prejudices that affect the self esteem? Being conscious is like standing warm on an impregnable rock in the middle of sea without knowing the depth of it. But being aware is like braving the cold to take a dip in the sea and find the depth of it. Indeed, when we decide to find our true self, we open ourselves to the infinite possibilities of magnificent self.

For what we will manifest, we must allow ourselves to enjoy the process of mindfulness and be surprised and delighted at what we are capable of creating for ourselves. Therefore, amidst the chaos of rendezvous with others, don’t turn up late for the rendezvous with self.

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