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Published On: April 25, 2019 12:00 PM NPT By: Subesh Gupta

Can We Believe and Hope for A Better Tomorrow?

Can We Believe and Hope for A Better Tomorrow?

A spree of political melodrama was no less theatrical as the coalition of major parties were successful in forming a new government with the beginning of the same old stories. We were misled once again with no different from the same existing ideas and promises of equivocal and untrustworthy hopes and aspirations.  The act was typical to beguiling voters by offering old wine in new bottles. As a result, most of the commoners are still struggling with the same troubles and tribulations, and courtesy to our bureaucrats who were entrusted with making reformatory changes for and by the people to ameliorate the current situation of pluralism. Henceforth, the righteous speeches of yesterday’s made little difference where the speakers themselves are submerged in grafting followed by concealing the facts of organized crimes and belligerency of today.

Ironically, a majority of citizens that placed trust in the government's ability to better the system were blindfolded of national interest. Alas! In reality, the chosen ones for resolving the problems of the same majority got blinded of personal interest, and indeed, implausible. Now, who should be held accountable for justifying the results of all the reprobated deeds of the chosen demagogues? And who is to be blamed for growing desperations of our political desperados who have succeeded in intimidating us now and then? Maybe both, because the public doesn’t get the government they deserve; actually, they get what they vote for. 

Unfortunately, lack of fair play to exercise the right, power, and opportunity to elect conscientiously became a major cause of strife to countless innocent citizens fending for themselves. The bureaucracy has reached an unprecedented level of serving the interests of a well-connected few rather than the many. The main agenda of development got lost between blatant political partisanship of both left and right wings. Even the concurrence is now understood as a false doctrine rather than true ideologies of totalitarianism. The elitist, like before, still holding the reins of political quadriga turned corruption so sophisticated that its roots go much deeper. Ultimately, the powerful and privileged once got more into power by keeping the majority at their wits end and cynical about the aberrations which helped them to maintain the status quo.

It's not just today, but throughout history, corruption had been decried. As soon as the power is transferred and so are the attribute like moral decadence and authoritarian manner inherited from former ones. The predisposition to newly elected ones turns into like, why they shouldn’t amass the wealth as quickly, as someone had done before holding the same power and position. It has existed as long as the government has, but grown excessively debauched over the last several decades of devastating effects on the well-being and dignity of underprivileged citizens. Nevertheless, no recent developments in the laws to mete out justice to public revealed several fundamental challenges to declining human development indices, id est posing serious risks in the index of life expectancy, education, and per capita income. We are depriving and aren't surviving only because of the corruption affecting the social and economic growth of the whole nation.

We have a democracy. Yet, we don’t have democratic rule of laws. We have the rule of laws. Yet, we don’t have absolute democracy. Why the government we choose is failing to keep its pledges time and again? Why it is failing to transform its victory into a set of tangible social and economic developmental results? Is it because of lack of real leaders with positive stances towards the overall development of the country? Or is it because of lack of real followers that really want to elect leaders that put principles ahead of political advantage? Unless the political leadership realizes that its very survival lies in the collaborative efforts to bring the nation together and a strong participatory system to withstand several fractional elements causing political imbroglios, democracy will always remain unconstitutional. Unless the judicial system mandates stern actions and higher penalties for offenses like corruption and red-tapism, the constitution will always remain undemocratic. Therefore, a government without the mainstream propaganda of the overall progress of a nation will never succeed in creating a prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalese.

Above all, the flag hoisting above our head is always higher than all of us, both, practically and theoretically. Now just imagine if a flag touches the ground, will there be any existence of ours? Henceforth, if the political wills of nation-building become a paramount and sustainable development goal, only then it will foster progress in coming time. Well enough, from now onward we decide to let go from our side. We decide to let bygones be bygones. We decide to forgive and move on. Now, we just want one answer to our question, ‘Can we believe and hope for a better tomorrow’?


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