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Published On: February 10, 2018 10:40 AM NPT By: CA Madhav Kumar Neupane

Stay calm to study CA: Part I

Stay calm to study CA: Part I

I have stepped into this New Year with lots of positive vibes and vigor. I have always stayed positive in life. I always have been thankful for what I have and my attitude of gratitude has contributed the most to help me stay positive. I have always either succeed or learned, but never failed in life. When I look back, I feel good about all the trials because I know that I am the one and also I believe that God knows it should be me. 

I have things to share and I believe this might be of some help to people. My motive behind sharing this is to clarify people on various life and career issues and finally put a question before them, are you the one? If you want to love yourself, you must first know to help yourself. Being a qualified Chartered Accountant, what I am sharing also relates to this course- CA. But, it is equally applicable to all others that are going through similar dilemma. 

Chartered Accountancy is the only course which can be persuade by anyone having completed intermediate level, so as the course is described; easy to enter, but difficult to exit. Many might doubt if they should be doing CA. One of my friends once told me that he wanted to pursue CA because he had through good grades. Similarly, some might think that they can become a good CA because they studied management in high school and were good in accounts. 

What I say is these are not the true criteria to determine if you are the one or not. These are the plus points for sure and will prove to be helpful in many ways while going forward. But as far as I have experienced, if you really want to know then you better decide keeping some questions in mind — Are you ready to get numerous slaps and learn to respond, not react? Aare you ready to lose and then bounce back? And are you ready to carry the responsibilities and to know how to perform under pressure?  

If you think you can keep up with the above mentioned questions then you are the one. Some might also think why someone should join CA. Many people say to earn a lot of money or for the social class it brings along. This also might be true as per general understanding. But if you ask me you should join CA to know that to gain untiring spirit of patience, persistence and faith in life you need to learn to adapt with the laws of nature. You must be able to do self-analysis, have self-reliance and spread the power of positivity. Do CA to know how to organize and use knowledge after acquiring it. Pursue CA to understand that knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from its application toward some worthy end.

If you are already doing CA, you must feel like you are going into depression, the exams are too tough to pass and the results are being restricted to a certain percentage. You would also constantly think of quitting the course. Please do not mistake temporary defeat to failure. All you need to do is change your mind from failure consciousness to success consciousness. Change the way you think. Never say “I don’t want to fail”; always say “I want to pass no matter what”. The feeling of frustration can be a blessing in disguise as it gives you a new start point and brings in new opportunities. As far as the result restriction is concerned, I believe it is being controlled to maintain the market demand and that I think is required to maintain the charm of this high profile profession.

(The second part of this write-up will be published on Sunday)

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