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Published On: June 27, 2018 08:22 AM NPT By: Aditya Pal

Silent roar of a tiger

Silent roar of a tiger

As a student of zoology, I often visit the zoo. In my earlier visits, I had never seen a tiger. But during my recent visit to the zoo, I was fortunate enough to see a real tiger staring at me from a mere distance of three meters. However, all my excitement and curiosity vanished in a matter of seconds seeing the tiger in a pathetic situation. It was just like a lifeless animal standing in front of me.  That tiger didn’t have the grandeur that I had imagined a tiger would possess; it continued staring helplessly. 

I was deeply touched, seeing the poor condition of the tiger which had an intrinsic desire to roar and thrive in the jungle, but no one cared. I felt the pain in the eye of the tiger as it was narrating the tragedies its life.  

I imagined it saying, “Why I am made to stand inside the cage? I don’t have enough space even to move. My food and health are taken care of, but this doesn’t make me happy at all.  Every day people come and stare at me, I hate being stared at. Most of them harass me, if only I was free, I would have taught them a good lesson.”

Though I had a feeling that it should live in the jungle freely, I was not able to do anything about its situation. However, it was weird to see a majestic creature living a congested life behind bars. It reminded me how lucky I was to be free, and blessed to able to do what I like freely.   


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