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Published On: June 3, 2018 08:34 AM NPT By: Aditya Pal

Conversing on conserving

Conversing on conserving

As a student of Zoology, I have a keen interest in the environment. Thus, we planned a hike to Champadevi. During our hike, we enjoyed the scenario and concluded that the trail was the best place in Kathmandu valley for hiking and sightseeing. 

Champadevi is the third highest hill surrounding Kathmandu Valley. It stands at an altitude of 2278 meters above sea level. The view, from the top of the hill, enthralls visitors with the panoramic views of the mountain range when the sky is clear. 

We were very excited to be on the top of Champadevi. Hence, we packed our bags, tied our shoes and walked along the stone-paved paths. On our way to the top, we were mesmerized by the rhododendron shrubs growing in the jungle in the trail.  We even climbed the trees to pluck the flowers as souvenirs of the journey. However, we had nature conservation as the major subject of discussion on the day. Most of us agreed that despite numerous conservation efforts, the execution was poor.

We were very careful to pick the litters we produced while hiking. We carried the wastes, which were carefully disposed of after ascending the hill. After three and half hours of walking, we finally reached the top and got the wonderful view of Kathmandu valley and Taudha. We closely observed the biodiversity of the place and especially paid attention to the birds, butterfly, and dragonflies in that area. 

The hike was fruitful and fun. However, we did not realize that plucking flowers randomly is going to harm the ecosystem of that place. Our senior who commented on our post on a social media platform opened our eyes. He commented that hikers like us traveled to those places regularly and most of them plucked the flower. There are many birds and insect rely on the vegetation of the forest for survival. Even a modest act like plucking the flowers tampers with the ecosystem and contributing to the destruction of wildlife in Champadevi.  Now, I speak not as a zoology student but a conservationist. We should educate ourselves the importance of the forest ecosystem and work for its conservation.


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