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Published On: January 21, 2019 12:01 PM NPT By: Aditya Pal

My message to Global leaders

My message to Global leaders

Earth is having a fever. Its temperature is rising and it’s already hot, getting much colder in winter. It’s normal but the time lapse is something happening unexpectedly soon. This reality is seeking and weeping for an immediate action. We can’t deny it anymore; Climate change is real.

I am a wildlife-researcher from Nepal. My major concern is with the existing life in wild. Nepal is the small landlocked country filled with happiness of mountains and goodness of plains. World is in race for globalization and we still have majority of pheasants working day and night to fulfill daily basic needs. These people are somehow getting information about ongoing seasonal shift and uncertain climate extremities in future but who is going to inform those innocent lives whom by genetics could not be as clever and smart as human could have become. They are frightened, they do not idea what is going on and why, they are running so fast to reach the safe but the end is blind, they are weeping and crying loud and we call it “Wow, their number might have been increased, their sound is so loud…” but, certainly not.

I am trying to put my effort for my beautiful birds and my friends are doing on other possible species to prove its existence an importance. We are doing tons of research, publishing papers, discuss and come to the conclusion to give better recommendations and suggestions to build better life ahead. This is all just a part of big plan to make our earth livable for everyone.

The best thing I love about my birds is they know the seasonal pattern we have in Nepal. They do their chores accordingly. Most importantly they teach us about the joy of every season differently, they share how to dance and sing in pre monsoon, how to play with water in monsoon, how to work hard in post monsoon and how to share love and warmth in winter.  People here have learned to harmonize with nature in paddy harvesting and reaping. We respect nature because our ancestors are passing the magical tradition and culture to live in ecofriendly environment, guided by concepts of sustainability.  But Earth has changed. My birds cannot speak to me and complain even if they are feeling hot or thundering cold.

Climate action is everyone’s responsibility and as a wildlife researcher, as a representative for birds, I take my responsibility to continue my work to save birds from Nepal. I share and request to concerned bodies that there are a lot of lives who are not unknown to industrialization, globalization, GHG emission and climate change. I want to put live light upon those lives whom are not even taking any benefit but silently bearing the pain of losing home and loving ones.

This time is not just to share knowledge, debate and win. This is time to raise voice for voiceless and act for all.






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