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Say no to thought control

When it comes to maintaining a good deal of psycho-social well-being, mental health becomes as significant as physical health. As we are racing towards career goals and aspirations—to   attain and ride our whims — many mental issues get past unnoticed or unspoken. This has resulted in developing psychological maladies among many youngsters today. Depression, anxiety, conversion disorder and various other mental anomalies have affected young lives.
It is therefore crucial at this point to clearly and openly discuss complications related to mental health. Since mental health holds great significance at every phase of life, clear communication would help spread some words on stress management and allow people to seek safer precautions.
My City’s Sonam Lama talked to Grade 12 students of Science Faculty from Southwestern State College about their views on mental problem, its causes and precautions.

Aakriti Baral
I think excessive fear and stress cause mental problems. However, some might be hereditary. Our social values guide our actions. So we are constantly conscious about functioning within the set rules. Following such rules, even if they conflict with our conscience, ultimately invites stress and tension. I find family interaction, sharing feelings with close friends and engaging in creative activities quite helpful in times of stress.

Bipin Pathak
Mental problem denotes to absence of peace of mind. I believe peer pressure, career stress and restriction from inner as well as outer environment are the driving factors behind mental illness. A friendly and healthy interaction between students, parents and teachers should be carried out in order to fight stress and mental problems. Moreover, people should keep themselves motivated and avoid making comparisons with others on various grounds to avoid stress.

Nabin Dhamala
Because it interferes with the brain mechanism, mental problems are the most hazardous. I think it is caused due to extreme fear and pressure from different external factors. Career pressure from family is prevalent in our society, which further builds anxiety among students. In my view, psycho-social counseling should be conducted time and again to aware people on psychological issues. Only then the flow of education regarding mental health will start bearing positive outcomes.

Bibek Khadka
As teenagers we are basically surrounded by our peers. So, the possibility is higher that we invite mental problem from them. Consumption of alcohol, smoking and doing drugs are some factors that incur mental problem among youths. The ability to create a balance between your inner and outer self is very important to lead a stress-free and healthy life. It thus, becomes crucial to get rid of the insecurities and acknowledge your strengths to lead a happy and healthy life.

Problems that directly affect human mind cause mental problems. Since we share a strong bond with our family, it is quite genuine that we get highly influenced by our family problems. I believe pressure from our closed ones is not so easy to escape, and that builds unavoidable stress.  Cultivating hopeful and positive thoughts could make a huge difference in one’s way of living. Besides that, one should learn to look out for solution if situations seem to take the wrong turn.

Sapana Dahal
Mental problems refer to the psychological difficulties in a person. I believe it is caused due to extreme stress, fear and pressure. Besides that, a deep sense of insecurity could also make it worse. In order to fight these problems, I think students should not be burdened and pressurized to carry out any work. Young people should rather be provided with a comfortable platform to speak out their thoughts.

Abhishek Uprety
Anxiety, depression or any other mental problems are the disturbed state of mind which occurs out of stress and insecurity that we build within us. Our society and culture play an important role in limiting us within certain boundaries. Unreal expectations from close ones could also be one of the reasons behind metal problems. Being expressive and cultivating optimistic attitude are the best precautions one can take to fight stress.

Pragya Ghimire
Since we all have the same human instincts, it is likely that we are insecure or fearful of something or the other. And it might be due to such insecurity that we pressurize ourselves into a state of anxiety. I believe parents should equally pay attention to their kids’ interests, observe their activities, be supportive and guide them in every step of their lives.

Sonam Lama also talked to Head of Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Dr Saroj Prasad Ojha to gain some additional insights on mental health problems.

What are the prevalent misconceptions about mental health in people?
Most of the people believe that mental problems are incurable, which makes them reluctant to go for check-up and seek medical help. Moreover, if diagnosed with any mental problem, they seem hesitant to disclose and express about their mental condition to others.

What kind of mental problems are common in youths?
There are many psychological difficulties occurring among today’s youths. However, anxiety, depression and conversion disorder are the most common mental problems observed in them.

As per you, what are the driving factors behind these problems occurring in youth?
Mental problems are triggered due to unmanaged stress, fear or negative thoughts that people find tough to cope with. It is necessary to recognize the exact reason behind the fear in our minds. Only after that are we able to find a right way to cope with it. Many a times, youths indulge themselves in negative coping with the consumption of nicotine which further worsens the situation.

What precautions can be taken to fight these problems?
Positive coping is a healthy way to proper stress management.  It includes expressing, interacting and confiding your feelings with someone close to you. In order to avoid stress and fear, it is important to ventilate both positive and negative feelings within us. Moreover, building positive attitude and garnering hopeful solutions to problems can be helpful.

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