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Published On: July 21, 2018 11:14 AM NPT By: Parashar Poudel

Once, I was strong

Once, I was strong

Once, I was strong and I wanted to build a house.
But I did a mistake I built it in someone else’s heart.
Over the course, my house got old, neglected
The windows got rusted, the paints worn out
There was never an attempt of repair
And one day eventually, I saw
My house has been destroyed
It wasn’t there anymore
I tried to search in despair!
All in vain! with the little strength left, then
I demolished the already weak bridge
then there was no choice
but to move forward
Rose within me, a voice.
I’ve started to build a house
Inside my own heart
where I can safely sit
Any harms, I hope to resist
From the hurts and pains and tears
I’ve made the concretes 
and once again, I’m strong.

once, was, strong,

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