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Published On: December 27, 2017 09:31 AM NPT By: Parashar Poudel

As I feel

As I feel

I felt the rain
Emerge out of pain
Meeting their ends 
Are my hopes
With a fake smile 
And shine in the eyes
Still I sing.

Melancholy haunts me
Just a night ago
As I stared into your eyes
A hope to see, the endless sea
You led me, unspoken
A beautiful path, for quite long
I was attached
Now that I try a dive
Doesn’t occur to me, I could survive.

Sweet hell?
Would I be allowed to say?
For I never want a walk again
Upon that trail
I am made
To feel worse, perhaps intentionally
Promises I made, now binds me
And to trust, I am so done.

Once I ran after,
That I no longer admire
The 'rainbow' of my desire, faded
Now it's rain to come
Clouds are my pain. 


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