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Published On: December 2, 2017 08:26 AM NPT By: Parashar Poudel

A painful eve

A painful eve

An evening of pain
pain, of letting go
The beautiful moments
as I watched you
slip away from my arms.
You gently moved your fingers,
over my face
I was lost in ecstasy
The day was over
and so did  the tranquil rest
didn’t realize it yet.
Because, honey, I always see
sunshine in your face
Well, now it couldn’t be hidden
sunset in another side
Oh, how well I hide
gloom of my heart and eye.

We were alone
The café and the coffee
people, started coming in
Soon was to end
a momentary dream
with you, a day so well spent

Outside I looked and far beyond,
Did I see the moon?
Oh! honey, the day was meant 
to end this soon!
I had many words
left unsaid
left to touch your beauty
But after a little while,
the sky will be star-studded.

Heaven was beside me
andI let an angel go
Thought, I ruined a dream
Stars rose and sun disappeared
I don’t blame anyone
onlyI was there
To hear
desperate voice of my heart
To feel, but an absurd hurt
that evening of pain.

painful, eve,

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