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Let your walls speak your style

KATHMANDU, Feb 22: When it comes to home décor, the task is absolutely incomplete without decorating the walls. Although the idea of home décor was limited to the high class societies of Nepal in the past, it has been influencing people in high numbers today. Leaving behind the hassles of sticky and smelly paint, renovating walls with wall-friendly materials is quite in trend. From stickers to paintings and wallpapers, all carry their own charm. Mentioned below are some varieties of wallpapers to make it easy for you to pick your style.

                                                                                                 Photo: Maya Beddings

Wall paper
These are paper based wall decors that have Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) coating on the surface. Weighed in rolls, it generally comes in three different sizes, ie standard size (57sq ft/roll), large size (75 sq ft) and larger size (155 sq ft). Wallpapers can be categorized under wall mural and wall fabric. While wall papers come in a wide array of patterns to decorate an entire room, while murals are a set of designed animate prints that are affixed on a particular section of a room wall. 

Likewise, wall fabrics are made out of a variety of fabrics that end up giving soft and cozy finishing to the walls. “A wide variety including classical, plain, 3D, rubber, floral, velvet, mosaic and batik along with more than 5,000 designs are sold in and out of the valley,” said Baby Khawahang, proprietor of Living Walls. 

Wallpapers are highly trending due to their durability of at least 10 years. It is reasonably priced, easy to install, less time consuming and comes in numerous range of colors, patterns as well as designs which are quite worth the expense. Adding further Baby said, “With the rise in demand of wallpapers in Nepali market, we have been importing the products from China, Korea and Europe. Thus, we are also looking forward to bringing wallpaper printing machines to boost the production within the country.”

                                                                    Photo: Shahin Sunuwar Rasaili/Republica

Wall sticker and decal
This is one of the inexpensive wall decors currently in trend. Although not as durable as the rest of the wall decors, wall stickers and decals add a funky atmosphere to the rooms. More specifically, decals are a kind of stickers which are durable and give a realistic as well as matt finishing compared to normal stickers. “These are getting quite popular among the youths as they can be instantly installed and are cheaper to any other decors. Since it has self-adhesive attached, no additional glue is required. It is non-toxic and comes in many different shades and designs varying the choice of the consumers,” said CEO of Maya Bedding and Décor, Sandeep Bohora.

                                                                                                Photo: Bijaya Maharjan

Wall art and painting
This is certainly one of the ancient styles to adorn your walls with local and homely designs. Hand painted by the artists, the arts and paintings are durable up to at least 20 years depending upon the quality of paints and colors used. “In terms of being creative with walls, wall paintings are more experimental and give realistic finishing to the walls, said Bijaya Mahajan, visual artist at The Courtyard Studio. He has been wall-painting for the past eight years now. “There may be hundreds and thousands of designs in the catalogue but those are somewhat unable to paint your imagination. This is where the essence of wall painting stands out. Designs that are imported from different parts of the world fail to define the set of arts that are originated from our cultural backdrop. Thus along with honing the skills of an artist, wall painting shall hardly become obsolete,” he added. 

                                                                                                 Photo: Maya Beddings

Wall canvas prints
One of the newly arrived decors in the valley, wall canvas prints are quite a unique set of painting-style decor that are hung on the wall. These are mainly of two types —one that is painted on canvas and the other printed on polyester. Printed canvas has highly absorbed the market due to its reasonable price compared to the painted ones which are expensive. They come in 3-5 stylistic pieces that are affixed on the wall highlighting the noticeable gaps in between every piece. “This is the latest design that we have in our store and we also have been receiving orders for the designs. In case of durability, it has the maximum durability than stickers, decals, acrylic or wallpaper,” said Bohora.

                                                                                                 Photo: Maya Beddings

Acrylic wall art
Acrylic art comes with self-adhesive tapes but are not flattened as stickers. These comprise of a wide set of artistic and animated objects. Since the arts affixed against the wall are thick in volume, they end up giving a 3D effect. With acrylics, there is much warranted durability of at least 12 years and is more costly as compared to wall stickers and decals. “Prior to installing the acrylics, it is crucial to ensure that the walls have smooth finishing,” added Bohora of Maya Bedding and Décor. These sets of arts are quite popular at homes, restaurants and offices and are especially installed indoors.

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