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Arjeeb is a high-school student at Little Angels' college, Lalitpur

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Published On: June 25, 2018 07:47 AM NPT By: Arjeeb Shrestha

I know

I know

A blissful psyche you are, I know
With leniency a virtue, and immanence as bright as snow
And your essence an enigma it is
As of your doings, the efforts like that of bees

Your actions, metaphoric delight it is, I know
An icon of hope you are, to every folks at their low
And your words, it be Sirius A
As merrily I count on, your blessings each day

And of all humankind, you’re a tough nut I know
For most and all, you are, merriment in row
And as of your visions, an eagle I spot 
Some fights are not be given up, they’re to be fought

Of all the people, you outstand I know
And alright you’ll be, a belief in me and so
A lord in yourself you be I know
And sooner or later, you’ll restrain yourself, I know.


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