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Arjeeb is a high-school student at Little Angels' college, Lalitpur

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Published On: October 4, 2018 08:15 AM NPT By: Arjeeb Shrestha

The Antiquity of Emptiness

The Antiquity of Emptiness

Is this chronicle of manly existence?
A falsehood is it? Or non to the recognition of untold absence?
The leer actions yet exalt to the dullness
An essence to humanitarian misery; the antiquity of emptiness

Oh! I hail; I hail the hell in holy holography
For no man is matter, emptiness giving feeling of being trapped 
Nothing but so heavy be this emptiness
A legion of the unintended; the antiquity of emptiness

Shall I ever feel the feeling of wholeness?
Every knowledge is possession, and every revolution coldness
Hath my words been whole? Or the whole reason of sadness? 
Why am I still preserving this baloney? The antiquity of emptiness.

Is only my life empty as pauper’s purse? 
Or is it yours too? Hath not you been open? In this murky rush.
Lord, Oh! Lord, save me from the antiquity of emptiness.
Or help me bail, the antiquity of emptiness!


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