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Arjeeb is a high-school student at Little Angels' college, Lalitpur

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Published On: August 7, 2018 08:40 AM NPT By: Arjeeb Shrestha

Frisking on the splendor of dawn

Frisking on the splendor of dawn

Why is it, this opus I fear? 
Of beauteous sparkle of sun on woods and mere, 
And melodies of the feathered friend that put me to smile
Burling on my bed; with these thoughts so queer

Lazy I, Oh! Lazy I from a chamber in the aisle
Brawling with this lethargically wile
And when push comes to shove nonetheless  
For I am now keen, keen enough to mile 

And this drought breeze through my body, this drought a bless
Of Mother Nature; this land of aqua, soul and cress
Adrift I be in this notion of paradise 
Unleashed; a free bird I be from diurnal stress

My owl sleeps, as the dawn dies
And of my wolf, no more it cries
As it is eminent, my sun will rise
And it is eminent, my sun will rise.

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