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Published On: March 27, 2019 09:05 AM NPT By: Arjun BK

Hey! Rain

Hey! Rain

The hidden world inside the drops of water
down pouring happiness into our life
All the way from sky to earth
It has been dived 

It has made everything wet 
But has given a new hope of life
Elysium is where we go
As it touches us 

The sensation of its touch,
The shower of its love,
is something I could never get
paradise is the home, as set

Thunders that come along with you 
Are something I hate the most 
When there is lightening 
With anger, I get burst 

Its not your fault too
you just want me to meet them
but what can I do when 
My heart doesn't love them.

You were the one who 
Taught me to love myself,
Even in the loneliness 
You became my best friend.

Thank you for the company,
And thank you for the love
Want to go to the world 
inside the drops of water in white dove

Rain, Poem,

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