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Published On: August 2, 2019 05:18 PM NPT By: Arjun BK



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Everything we desire doesn’t get fulfilled

Everything we pray doesn’t come on time

It is all time that shows the difference

Let it exemplify the hidden rhyme


The day I first saw you I was shocked

Not by your appearance but by the grace you had

Not by your beauty but by the behavior you showed


My brain didn’t make me love you

But it is this stupid heart that made me love you

It can’t be affection

But this is pure love that I do for you


You hated me for no reason

But I don’t know why this heart always thinks about you

You didn’t even think I was your close friend

But I don’t know why I can’t forget you


You are my paradise and my destiny

You are everything for me and my goal

You are the one who comes in my dreams

And you are my soul.


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