Published On: August 8, 2019 04:55 PM NPT By: Rahat Poudel

Here’s why working in different work field is fun experience

In the heat of the time, keeping track of the chores goes awful beyond measure. But when it’s planned, it’s easy to spend a day. Sure, you’ll be busy but there’s not any way that you’re increasing your productivity.

When productivity comes in mind, basically, it’s thought that one should be multitasking and be extremely busy. However, according to Ayush Bajracharya, productivity increases when you do work in a time, even though it’s a single task. He is a photographer, lecturer, businessman and a podcaster. “Being productive in different field of work is fun.”

Bajracharya says that being associated with many works result in personality change. “At one time, I have to focus on one type of work. But after switching into another work, the personality is wholly changed. For example: I cannot talk to my students in a personal manner. I must be professional. But after switching it to photography, the personality becomes all casual.”

Despite the hurdles, he says it has got him to learn the various sectors followed by the development in himself. “When you are associated with different areas of work in a day, you also get a very goodnight sleep. So yes, there’s that coolness.”


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