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Better to see something than hearing about it

Better to see something than hearing about it

Sometimes, travel enthusiasts don’t know where they are going but they believe there’s always a way. It’s like the saying from ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ – “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” No matter what, visiting new places is an awesome experience where you gain new perspectives in life.

Meanwhile, there’s a famous opinion that if you are busy enough in your work, you won’t even get a slight chance to explore nature’s gems. However, to disapprove that notion, there are people like Aaditya Shrestha. He’s a photographer and videographer and a travel enthusiast.

In a conversation with MyCity’s Rahat Poudel, Shrestha shared his love towards taking the adventures. Here are the results:

Why do you travel? What drew you into it?
Traveling has always been less of a hobby and more of a way to get out for me. I travel to get to know the cultures and stories of people who have different lifestyles and to feel alive in this monotonous life. I would say my curiosity drove me toward traveling. As a kid, I would always want to know what it would feel like to be in a new place, on my own, with no one to pass judgments but just to share stories.

Your first travel memory.
It was a cycle trip to Sisneri with my friends. It was a long day but the destination was worth all the troubles we went through. I did not know how to swim, and yet I was excited just to see the clean water and happy faces of my friends.

According to the places you have traveled, how beautifully diverse is Nepal?
I have not traveled to many places but through my experiences so far, I can definitely tell that Nepal is beautifully diverse in every aspect: culturally and geographically both.

I have heard people say money as a big problem for traveling. What do you say about that?
Well, money is money. You need it for everything. Also on the other side, it's all about yourself on how you want to travel. I did my Gosikunda trek with Rs 6000. It’s not that expensive if you make the right decisions.

What does it take to traveling places?
All it takes really is enthusiasm and courage. The rest we figure out on our own.

What are the challenges while traveling to different destinations? There are many travel destinations in Nepal which is yet to be explored, how do you think they can get an exposure?
Personally, I believe that one of the challenges that prevent exposure to these places is the geographical condition. There are some places that are difficult to reach, which is the reason for many people’s hesitation to pursue the trek because of fear that it will consume more money, time and energy. Such treks could gain exposure if they’re built better, being suitable just enough for walking.

What are the most surreal places you have ever been to?
I haven’t traveled much but out of places that I’ve traveled to, I would say the Mardi trek was surreal. You could see all the clouds below you in the day and see all the stars at night with the moonlight kissing the mountains. What more could anyone ask for, isn’t it?

What unexplored places have you visited so far? (If any)
I have not had any chance to. Maybe I’m too young, but that’s the plan for someday, getting to know the unknown.

Do you meet inspiring people with awesome stories?
One of the best things I get through traveling are definitely those stories. It’s a world full of amazing people with amazing stories.

You favorite travel memory.
Once I had 4.5 hours of walk from Mardi high camp to the base camp. I woke up at 3 in the morning and started the walk at 4 am. It was freezing cold out there with no other human being around but just me, the mountains and the crows of the Himalayas. I honestly felt so free at that moment. 


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