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Five winter flavors of Bouddha

Five winter flavors of Bouddha

KATHMANDU, Dec 1: Winter is nearing and sipping on hot beverages daily won’t suffice your cold tummy. When warm and hot broths are heavily discussed, the salivating soupy aromas of the Himalayas ranging from Tibetan and Sherpa cuisines can hardly be missed out. Foods share an age-long history and the traces of people’s evolvements through times. Serving to varied gastronomy that we know of today, Bouddha is one of the repositories of a variety of cuisines that have been witnessing popular food culture and practices.  Warm foods are certain to make your mood after a long day of hectic work. It is also effective especially in beating the winter cold.

Although the number of eateries is on the rise in Bouddha with the growing food culture, here are some of the five popular foods that hardly any eateries could miss out on serving on winters. 


The hot and sour Thukpa at Khawa Karpo Tasty Noodle Factory is a sheer winter delight. Even if you want to beat the summer heat, they serve you with dry Thukpa for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians. Located at Fulbari, Bouddha, the place serves you the authentic flavors of Tibet. The handmade noodles here are something that sets this place apart from nearby eateries. A stew of minced buff-laced noodles, Chinese oil, garlic, soy sauce, timur (Nepali pepper), spinach and spring onions is complimented with chili-sesame sauce.

Where: Khawa Karpo Tasty Noodle Factory, Fulbari
Price: Rs 170 (Full), Rs 140 (Half)


Getting to its literal meaning, Shaphale is composed of ‘Sha’ meaning meat and ‘Phale’ meaning chapatti. It is made of meat and vegetable fillings inside flour dough that is deep fried and usually served with hot tomato sauce. Since shaphales are handy and soupless, they are popular amidst most of the eateries and food stalls in Bouddha. As they can be instantly prepared, these are also one of the well-known fast foods around Kathmandu.

Where: Most of the eateries and food stalls at Boudhha
Price: Rs 25/ piece


Curry served with chapatti is what makes the combination of curry served with Tingmo alike. Tingmo is steamed bread that is puffed and folded in intricate shapes. These breads are usually accompanied with spicy curries made of multiple vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients. There are huge varieties of curries that Kora Restaurant serves. The restaurant is located in the peripheries of the Stupa. One of their special delicacies is the braised buff fillet which is also served in different varieties as per the customer’s preference. “Tingmo, with various curries is the all-time popular dish for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We mostly serve Chinese cuisines here which are equally enjoyed by Nepali and Tibetan guests,” said Nirmal Ale Magar, Head of Kitchen Department.

Where: Kora Restaurant
Price: Tingmo Rs 25/piece, Braised buff fillet: Rs 400



If you are seeking to savor numerous flavors in a single spoon, Thenthuk is certainly the one you should go for. Thenthuk is a stew of flattened dough cooked with varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items. For years, Mechung Restaurant and Bar, situated opposite to Boudha Gate has been one of the popular spots for soupy Thenthuks served in different varieties. Unlike rest of the foods, the thick consistency of Thenthuk is made up of blending the flavors of all ingredients used in this food. There may hardly be any vegetables that would not go with its recipe. Generally served with timur and chili powder, the food is well complimented with other condiments at this place.

Where: Mechung Restaurant and Bar
Price: Rs 265


For many food lovers Rildok is yet to be a common food due to its rare recipe. It is a traditional Sherpa cuisine made out of pounded potato dumplings mixed with hot soup. This place located at the stupa periphery serves an array of authentic Sherpa cuisines. Rildok can only be made from potatoes that are especially grown at higher altitude of Himalayan regions. The potatoes are boiled and then pounded in a huge wooden mortar with a heavy pestle that makes the potatoes squishy. They are made into dumplings and cooked in a soupy paste of fried spring onions, garlic and turmeric. “The potatoes of Solukhumbu, Mudey and other Himalayan regions like Helambu are used to make this winter dish,” said Doma Sherpa, owner of the restaura

Where: Himalayan Sherpa Food House 
Price : Rs 100

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