October 11, 2018

Expression and feelings on display at Taragaon Museum

Expression and feelings on display at Taragaon Museum

Artist Nabin Nalbo’s solo exhibition started from Sunday at The Taragaon Museum, Bauddha. Nablo was selected for the museum’s first artist’s space program -- ‘Taragaon Open Studio‘. The artist was given a one-month-window to prepare for the exhibition, in September.

He has showcased illustrations and caricatures of national personalities in the exhibition. Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli, Dr Govinda KC, and artists like Manjul Babu Mishra, Madan Chitrakar, Erina Tamrakar, Samjhana Rajbhandari, Sundar Lama, Bijaya Maharjan, Saroj Bajracharaya, Asha Dongol, and Bhuwan Thapa are among the featured personalities.

His artworks present detail expressions of the people. Speaking about his work, he shared, “I am intrigued by the fact that we human beings have our own unique features, making us different from one another. I like to capture human feelings and expression in my drawings. Hence I work on illustrations and caricatures. ”

In 2017, Nabin Nalbo was felicitated by the Cartoonist Club Nepal for his work. 

The exhibition continues till Friday.

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