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Dream with open eyes

Dream with open eyes

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Since his childhood days, Siris always felt his love for expressing his feeling and point of views through music and poems. He gave credit to his family for this. As his family found peace in spiritual activities such as singing ‘bhajans’ every night at home. This way he always felt connected to words and sound.

He used to sing about his own life during his childhood days. And his mom was a teacher in a school where he was studying, and she was very careful about his studies. He used to neglect his studies and this would affect his grades.

Living in a society where only the professions like doctor, engineer, banker, etc were considered as more respectable jobs, it was difficult for Siris to pursue a career related to his passion. Writing songs, poems, making music these all activities were considered a distraction for him. After he finished his high school he wanted to study music and literature. But it ended up becoming just a mere wish, his parents and relatives clearly stated: " Look, son, it's okay if you want to  write and sing when you have free time, but you can't earn your living and fit in the standard of society pursuing your whim as your profession."

Siris always knew that he can create miracles with words and sound, but nobody believed in him. So, he had to choose business administration for his higher study. It was a very calculated choice for him. He had a plan that during four years of bachelor studies, he will learn a lot about business along with it, music and literature will be part of his self-study.

As he would have foundational knowledge about business, he can later enter into the music industry. His passion as an activity was making songs, it included both sound and words which he had felt a deep connection right from his childhood.

One afternoon he was practicing to play guitar and sing along with it when he was in his hometown. A relative called him and said, "I am noticing you for many days you look so distracted. Whatever you are doing exactly is done by cowherds in our village. They do it better than you. So, just stop doing it and focus on your study. ". It was quite a normal situation which used to occur usually. He was so determined to follow his dream so he kept on practicing his craft. He was far from his hometown living in a rented room for studies.   One day during his class, he knew about Howard Gardener's concept of 9 types of intelligence, which basically suggested intelligence is not just about logic and math but different people can have different intelligence. A dancer has kinesthetic intelligence. A writer has linguistic intelligence. It made him clearer that he was taking the right path and society was ignorant about human potential. It was a very lonely journey for him


He used to save his pocket money so that he could manage to take music classes, buy books. For a full day, he was so busy, taking business classes then go for music classes, read novels and books, practicing instruments. During family functions and gathering, as usual, it was hard for him to make people understand why he cannot attend it. So, relatives used to make their own assumptions on him. There was furthermore resistance in his path, the institutes he went for learning music used to conduct classes either by instructors who were not professional or classes just providing random knowledge but not foundational knowledge.  It never mattered to Siris how the path was he just focused on moving with perseverance. He used to write songs about his struggles.

Slowly day by day, Siris was witnessing his improvement. He was planning and practicing a full framework of his craft, his uniqueness, everything related to his passion. He used to participate in every college program, family functions and learn a lot from them. Now the same relatives who in the beginning considered his passion to be his distraction started praising him after watching his performance. That day he realized people may not support us in the beginning but if we are honest to our passion slowly people will. After finishing his bachelor studies, Siris applied in many record label companies as an employee of the marketing department. So that he could closely observe the environment and add more learning to his craft. This time his parents supported his decision. He got a call for an interview with a company. The company found Siris to be the right employ as he had a foundational knowledge of business along with it he easily understood music making processes. So he got the job. Working a few years in that company, he had built a great insight on everything related to song making and had become a valuable asset to the company. His boss was aware of how talented he was as a songwriter and musician and always praised him to work on his own project.

Siris also thought that now he was ready for working on his own project, but he was nervous. It was his dream which he had been striving from childhood. He started working on a song, during the process of making, as he was very nervous so he decided to make his song based on the trend of hit songs, but deep inside he knew it was not his path. The song got released, it was an average success. People around him congratulated him, but he was not satisfied. He had gone through so much of struggle and that song was not the miracle which he wanted to create from his childhood. So, he promised himself it does not matter if he faces failures but he will stay honest to his art. Then he started working in a new project which was a reflection of his own life. It was so relatable to common people, it became a massive success. It was really a miracle that Siris wanted to create. That moment was the dream moment that Siris was living. After that, he got many offers. His relatives now look him with wonder. Deep inside his heart, he has such satisfaction for his life no words can describe that.


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