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Published On: July 11, 2021 03:30 PM NPT By: Nirdesh Subedi

Inside a book, I found a friend

Inside a book, I found a friend

It was one monsoon evening; I picked up a book and opened it. Inside, I found an unknown friend waiting. Our friendship was a little weird. I would just sit and listen to her and she would share her fables. These fables were soaked within the fresh juice of life. They were pickles for emotions. It felt as if I was living it as she was telling. They took me everywhere within me. Words were moments. Lines were seasons. Word by word, line by line I was living her colorful life as if it was mine. Whenever I could escape mundane gossips around, I would quietly enter her room and pass a subtle smile, I would ask for more fables. These fables were unlike the gossips around. Those mundane gossips were black and white. These fables were like a rainbow. One could experience naked emotions, unique chemistries, and many more.

Our heart has a bundle of untouched spots. These spots are filled with the nectar of emotions, looking for a release. When we relate to someone, when we realize someone else shares the same experience that we were unable to communicate, these emotions are released and our heart feels light like a flying feather. I was feeling the same with her. I could empathize. She would even share her mischievous secrets, her inner monologues which would evoke laughter, tears, and a range of moods. That's how she would find her space in my heart. She would always leave me in wonder. I would get excited about our next meet. There would be something in her fables that would create a spell and I would get lost in it.

Every person that shares a moment with us sprinkles some droplets of their life on us. Those moments may taste bitter or sweet, feel like a flash or eternity but they leave peculiar imprints on us. We are like a blank canvas. These moments spill colors and slowly moment by moment we turn into a piece of art. That's what I realized from her fables. At our every meet she would introduce some individuals who shaped her, from them she borrowed something for herself. She was spilled with mystery, poetry, grace, mischief, and many more. And now it was me who was being sprinkled with some droplets of her life.

She used to say " Like the sunrise we born, then we glow, and like sunset we depart and comes the night. Life resembles a glorious day. Remember, change is the melody of life." I would scratch my head trying to grasp what she said. In moments it would just pass over my head. A day was waiting to unveil its meaning to me. This day appeared when she like the sunset slowly disappeared. She faded with her last fable. Her fable still vibrates in my heart. These fables were somehow magical. They had done something to me. I was now sensing these new colors around my surroundings which were hidden before. To me, it feels like she has merged within me through her fables.







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