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Published On: September 23, 2019 09:57 AM NPT By: Nirdesh Subedi

Beauty of Imperfection

Beauty of Imperfection


When a baby stutters, it brings a soft smile and a sense of love in my heart. Isn't that stutter beautiful? We hear this often, the moon looks more enticing with those dark patches. We all have imperfections. "I am fat, I am skinny, I am slow, I am weak" our insecurities. Who is perfect? But before that, what is perfect? Aren't we losing our true self in this race of being perfect? What if we started seeing the beauty in our imperfections, and stop this journey towards the illusion, called perfection. Everything is defined for us, the perfect body, the perfect career, the perfect partner, the perfect life, so we are creating a society dry to the beauty of uniqueness and differences.

I got a chance to give tuition class to a student; I was told he was a bit slow in learning. Gradually, as the classes were going forward and I realized he actually studies with calmness, enjoying the process. Later I found, I myself was teaching with calmness. He was failing in the class because he was pressured by family and teachers to study. They never really tried to understand his nature. I really realized how beautiful imperfections can be meeting him.

I imagine a world where people are free to be imperfect, where there are no standards. A world where one can express their uniqueness and differences and are warmly accepted as well as appreciated. Just by planting the seed of acceptance, our togetherness and closeness will flourish. This world will be an art itself when every eye will realize the subtle beauty of imperfection. Then our happiness is here and now, as we are. Then the change in us will come from our heart not because we need to fit in. Isn't that the real freedom?

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