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Published On: April 30, 2021 06:51 PM NPT By: Rajani Regmi

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter

Please remember,
to the whole world you might be one
But to one you are the whole world
When in all doubts, confusions, forced obligations

Please remember,
there is no voice more powerful than the one
that echoes within and from you
Never let no biased, cruel, dominating voice ever
tame, stop or question you!

When you ever look into the mirror and you own
mind tries to belittle you
Your beauty pierces through your skin shade,
weight, height and complexion...
Let your beauty glow, spark through your bold, brave fierce determination,
When you ever feel a little less ornamented 
No piece of refined jewellery, no diamond or silver
Will ever shine as bright as the confidence you will wear!

When your dreams are ignored, questioned and mocked
You alone are capable of flying so high, making 
all those questioning lips locked,
And for any or every other struggle, challenge and pain
Let is be your learning, not your loss but a worthy gain!

So dear daughter, 
Fly in the sky, let no one dare cut your wings
climb the hill, without having to cling
swim the vast ocean, feel the breeze,
Dance in the rain, plant your own trees
To the whole world you might be one
But to one you will always be the fearless world!

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