Published On: July 2, 2019 05:55 PM NPT By: Renu Twanabasu

Community schools’ changing perspective on SEE

Community schools’ changing perspective on SEE

When it comes to government school, most of us carry the mindset of flawed results; let it be on internal examinations or the board examinations. Carrying a defense thought, not every those schools have “not exemplary” result. For example: Bagiswori Secondary School.

The Bhaktapur-located school got a good outcome on the recent Secondary Education Examination (SEE) result. Out of students who appeared in the board examination; 40 students scored in the range of 3.6 and 4 GPA, 41 in 2.80 to 3.19, 64 in 2.40 and 2.79, 12 in 2.20 and 2.39, and 8 in 1.60 and 2.19 GPA. 

According to Gyansagar Prajapati, vice principal of the school, the school has improved in comparison of last year. “In comparison to previous year’s outcome, the number of 3.6 GPA has increased. Those GPAs prove the community school is not less than any private schools in terms of results.”

The number of C grade in the GPA has also decreased over the years, says the vice principal. “Nobody got C grade last year. Despite we have got few C grade this year, we intend to improve it in the coming year.”

The school has moved forward to prep the students who need coaching classes including regular classes. Prajapati comments, “Education must be cheap and qualitative.” As the community school such as Bagiswori Secondary School are improving, numbers of applicants in those schools have always increased.

Teachers also play the big role to make the school important, comments Prajapati. “Teachers taking school as only the job rather than a temple is the biggest obstacle in education. That’s why, not only students but also teachers should have a feeling of improvement for the development of community schools.” Guardians look for the quality education not the compound and outside look, adds Prajapati.

This year, there were students from 13 community schools from Bhaktapur who sat for the SEE.




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