Published On: July 25, 2019 05:34 PM NPT By: Renu Twanabasu

Enthusiasm of secondary level students in Chinese language

Enthusiasm of secondary level students in Chinese language

China is known as the country with the world’s largest population. This very fact dominates that the Chinese language is one among other languages, spoken by a large number of people. Then, China is one of the greatest economic giant ruling the business world.

In this scenario, it would be fruitful, if one knows the Chinese language. And keeping this fact in mind, Bagiswori Secondary School in Bhaktapur has begun Chinese language course to their students. It has been teaching the Chinese language, especially Mandarin to over 90 students from grade VII.

One student, Dipak Lewa says he had an interest in learning the Chinese language. Thanks to the school, he is now happy on learning something he loves and has plans to learn it further even after school days. “I have always wanted to learn the Chinese language. Even when I used to see foreigners talking, I wished I could speak with them in their own language. Finally, I am learning. I am thankful and happy.”

Having over 3,000 characters to memorize, the Chinese language is considered the hardest one to learn. Regardless, the language is also well acknowledged because the country is considered as the “future”.

Another student Ashmita Baraily, comments on the hardship of learning the language. She adds, “I am still amazed by the Chinese words. Despite the fact that the language is so fun to learn, it’s also hard at the same time.”

The teachers and the administrative faculty have also shown the enthusiasm for having the Chinese language in their school. Addition to that, the vice-principal, Gyan Sagar Prajapati informed training about foreign language has been organized in accordance with the newly created local curriculum for the school of Bhaktapur Municipality. “Bhaktapur is a tourist hub. Of all the international guests that come to Bhaktapur, the majority of them are Chinese. That’s why the new generation needs to know the language.”

Bikul Laxmi Twanabasu is teaching the language to the kids. She says, “I came to teach here to pass my knowledge to the younger people.”

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