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Published On: December 2, 2021 04:39 PM NPT By: Republica

Celebrating the joy of brands: Brand Nepal 2021

Celebrating the joy of brands: Brand Nepal 2021

The beauty industry is one of the most booming industries in the world. If asked, people can name various international beauty brands but can they name Nepali beauty brands that provide extraordinary products? Various Nepali beauty brands are making their way on the market with elegant and effective quality products. Celebrating the joy of these brands, Radio Nagarik 96.5, is organizing, Brand Nepal a carnival promoting Nepali brands and their products. On 18th December 2021, Brand Nepal Go Local is coming up with its third edition where one can meet various leading Nepali brands with unique and variety of products to choose from. Moreover, here is the list of various beauty brands sharing their enthusiasm for participating in Brand Nepal this year.


(Shalini Rana Shah,Co-Founder and CEO)

Glambisque is a unique Nepali Make up Brand created to bring the latest pigments and makeup products at the best prices. With the vision to create a brand that provides high-quality makeup products comparable to international makeup brands, they give you the ability to choose your own colors & textures and create your own palettes. Glambisque also works to find the latest makeup looks for you, sharing the best tips and tricks they know with the aim to stay on top of the latest global makeup trends.

  • Why did you choose to be in this business?

The lack of good options for makeup products available in Nepal, and the exorbitant prices of international makeup items here in the country inspired me to get into the makeup and fashion industry. It wasn’t a choice of business but more a gap and necessity that needed filling.

  • What are the key things that help you to be an entrepreneur?

The key things that have helped me become an entrepreneur are firstly my education, secondly the ability to go for my crazy ideas without regret and learn from my mistakes, and last but not least having the grit to wake up and show up for myself, no matter what, every single day to make my goals a reality.

  • What can one expect, while at your stall in Brand Nepal?

While at our stall they can expect a huge range of makeup products by Glambisque that they can try and buy. Our range of products includes Lip Products (lipsticks, lip gloss, and lip liners), face products (bronzer, powders, liquid blush, highlighters), and a huge range of eye products (eye shadow palettes, glitter eye shadow, lashes, eyeliners in 12 colors, mascaras, etc). We also makeup tools like brush sets. We will also be providing our best-selling item, our ‘Customizable Palette’ at our stall. You can pick any 9 colors available in our color chart and we will make an eyeshadow palette for you on the spot with your very own handpicked shades.

  • What is your expectation from this year’s Brand Nepal event?

We believe Brand Nepal will give us significant exposure to a lot of people who do not know about us or have never heard of Glambisque. We are a fairly new company so we hope new people will discover us at Brand Nepal.


(Faija Parween, Founder of Faiza)

Faiza is a Nepali Ittar/Attar Brand that provides non-alcoholic, long-lasting, and unisex perfume. Available every Saturday at Labim Mall, Pulchowk from 2 PM to 7 PM, their fragrances vary from fruity to musky smells. The journey of Faiza began in February and now they have a collection of more than 15 fragrances lined up.

  • What inspired you to run your business?

I have been personally using ittar (fragrance) for I don't know how long. Seeing a whole bunch of ittar at home always and especially after meeting my husband who loves perfume I became keener and started off my own ittar business.

  • What are the key things that help you to be an entrepreneur?

Patience is the key. Business comes with risks and benefits so as an entrepreneur it’s really important to have patience. Not every day you will have amazing sales somedays there won't be any sale, not everyone will love your product, some will definitely criticize it, not everyone in your team will be trustable so throughout all of this you need to have patience and move forward.

  • What are your challenges in your business and how did you overcome it?

No matter how good your product is, it’s very important to have a good salesperson selling your product. We did struggle in finding someone who would stick with the team for the long term and work with us. However, with our six months of experience, facing lockdown and COVID-19 we have finally made a small strong team and we hope that we will have a great time working with each other in the days to come.

  • What can one expect, while at your stall in Brand Nepal?

      Fabulous fragrances are the answer.

  • What is your expectation from this year’s Brand Nepal event?

Since it’s the first time we are participating in Brand Nepal we looking forward to reaching out to more people and being aware of the usage of attar and our products.




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