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Published On: February 24, 2019 07:15 PM NPT By: Nemish Gautam

‘Captain’ will be more entertaining than the World Cup: Anmol KC

‘Captain’ will be more entertaining than the World Cup: Anmol KC

Actor Anmol KC is not a huge fan of football and neither likes to play. Though he is not into football, he has a keen interest football and also has featured as a footballer in the upcoming film ‘Captain’, set to release on March 1. He portrays the character of Ishan Khadka, the captain of national football team.  Anmol himself developed the concept of the film. My City team interacted with KC and talked about the film. Following are the edited excerpts of his conversation:

How was your relation with football during school days?

I stayed in a hostel during my school days, and most of my friends were passionate about football. But I wasn’t involved with soccer then. Since I was tall my hostel coordinator suggested me to join the school’s basketball team. However, I was into swimming. I have participated in national level swimming competitions as well. 

How did you develop the concept of making a film on football?

I am an artist and I have the knowledge of acting. Though I am not a skilled script writer, I always thought of making a different kind of film. One day I realized that there is a huge fan following of football in Nepal. The fans would love to see sport genre film. So I discussed the idea with my dad. He agreed to make the film and we finally made the film.

Did you develop an interest in football after you decided to make a film in football?

Obviously, it’s very important for an actor to research on the film’s topic. Though I am not a football player, I am a football follower. I don’t play football but I follow various national and international football competitions. I never miss an update of English Premier League (EPL) and the La Liga (Spanish League). But I have increased my passion for football, especially after we decided on making this film.

What is that one that you notice most while watching football match?

 I watch skills of football players. Their skills of ball movement and celebration after scoring goals are the things I like most.

How was your preparation before going for a shooting and experience of taking classes with national player?

I was coached by former captain of national football team, Hari Khadka. Though I had heard his name, I hadn’t met him. However, taking classes from him was fruitful. He taught me important football skills, which I used in the film. I feel so glad to be trained training from one of the renowned footballers of the country.

There is an apprehension in market that you fainted while shooting this film. Is that true?

Yes, it’s true. I have depicted the character of a Jhapa-based footballer, Ishan Khadka. That’s why shooting of the film started from Jhapa and I felt difficult to adjust to that temperature. Regular exercises under the heat created difficulty in in respiration. Due to the intense harsh temperature I fainted twice.

How did you felt while entering the football ground in a Nepali jersey?

I was totally into the character. I didn’t felt I of being Anmol during the movie- shoot.  I used to bow my head before entering the ground. Entering football ground with that amazing attire used to evoke the Nationality in my heart.

Sports genre films have not gained commercial successes. Do you think ‘Captain’ will perform well?

Content is the main thing required to make a film. Contents of the film matter, whether the film will be able to play with the audience’s emotions or not?  Our film contains a very good content with and an emotional tough, so I am sure that the film will perform well. I believe that the film will be more entertaining than the world cup. 

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