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Samragyi Neupane is grade VI student at St.Xavier's School, Godavari.

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Published On: August 1, 2018 04:45 AM NPT By: Samragyi Neupane

Building confidence through self-defense

Building confidence through self-defense

I was relaxed after my term break, but out of the blue, an incident occurred. I had to attend a three-day program. My first presumption compelled me to think that it would be boring, but when I started to participate and attend the classes; I found it to be enthusiastic.

The three days were full of surprises, and excitement. We learned to distinguish between wrong and right through activities like four-ball and one throat.  We also learned that if we couldn’t find help within twenty seconds, then we should run away from there. We can identify a criminal by their body language, sound, and gestures. In general, criminals select victims in these six stages.

Stage 1 : Victim Selection 

Stage 2 : Builds trust and takes information

Stage 3 : Fills the needs of oneself

Stage 4 : Isolation

Stage 5 : Abuse begins

Stage 6 : Becomes hard to maintain control

There are the techniques that can be used for self-defense. If an assailant grabs us by the hair, then we need to interlock our finger and push down against the offender’s wrist. If they go on to grab us by the neck, and then we should break the groin. If someone tries to press our body against theirs in public vehicle; then we should create a distance by our arms/elbows. 

The key characteristic that a criminal looks at most victims is the person’s state of uncertainty. If we feel a threat of any sort, we should create distance, introduce barricade, look for escape routes and always be ready to defend ourselves.

Every woman needs to know the basic ideas of defense.  Especially, offenders try to take advantage on blind, dumb, deaf and mute women or girls, as they are not able to defend and raise voice against the violations. They always remain in threat. We should aware such people about defending techniques, and we should conduct awareness program for the guardians of such people. 

Self-defense course can change the lives of hundreds of people, especially of women. The people willing to build skills and confidence may focus on self- defense, which is the best way to solve the problems. I learned things like using bold or strong voices against minor activities. I got an opportunity to know that we should be aware of the surrounding. Similarly, we should be in the color code yellow. 

Thousands of women are abused, and only some of them raise their voices. It is believed that one-third of the married woman has somehow experienced emotional, physical or sexual violence from their spouse or family which is also a remarkable issue in this context. From this, we can draw the conclusion that violence against woman starts from the family. If we teach our children to respect feminine right, it can create an abuse free home and the community and ultimately a gender harmonious country.   

I wish every girl or woman will learn to fight back and protect themselves from the unwanted torture forced upon them. It is only then that the society can settle as a violence-free country.

Neupane is studying in grade VI at St Xavier’s School, Godavari, Lalitpur.

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