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Samragyi Neupane is grade VI student at St.Xavier's School, Godavari.

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Published On: December 18, 2018 10:53 AM NPT By: Samragyi Neupane

My Dashain Diary

My Dashain Diary

KATHMANDU, Dec 18: I was set by packing my bags to get away from my books; exploring things in a practical way. I took a flight with my family. We actually had a plan to visit the Rara Lake, but we were bound to land at Nepalgunj airport because of shortage of tickets for Rara.

When we reached Nepalgunj, we were happy to see everyone and so were they. As it was getting late, we directly went to bed. The next day my parents went to Rukum to visit a temple named Degre Sai Kumari. I didn’t miss them as I was with rest of my family. I used to spend my days playing with my elder brother and sisters. My parents arrived in Nepalgunj before Dashain. I was happy to see them again. On the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami, we all exchanged ‘Tikas’ with each other and received Dakshina. I went with my sisters and brother in a fun fair where we played swings, trampoline, and bought some toys. In Nepalgunj, there is a ritual of playing Ram Lila. The next day, we cooked dumplings and enjoyed them. We also had a wonderful time watching Chhaka Panja 3.

We took an early start in the next day at 5 in the morning We were headed towards Damauli, Tanahu through Lumbini after exchanging our goodbye with a promise of coming back year after. We had a short visit to Lumbini and then moved to Damauli after taking Lunch in Daunne at 11 o’clock. It took us 11 hrs to reach our destination. We could see the happiness on my grandfather’s face when he saw us. I was also excited to see him. We had a little chitchat and headed towards bed.

The next day my grandfather had some visitors. So my sister, parents and I went out for a short stroll. We went to ‘Byas Gufa’ situated at the bank of the point where Seti and Mahdi rivers merge. We took some pictures, worshipped the God, enjoyed splashing water and collected some pretty textured pebbles and stones. Then we went back to my grandfather and received Tika and Jamara. After that, we visited Chahbdi Barahi Temple. There, we saw a statue of a mermaid and just below were fishes swimming in the fresh water.

On the same day we went to Bandipur, a beautiful place surrounded by traditional architected exquisite houses. Even the restaurants there served really delicious food items. Once we were done seeing the peaceful Bandipur, we headed for another beautiful trip. I always wanted to visit Gorkha and my dream came true at that day. After spending 3 hours in the car, we reached the Gorkha Durbar. It was a charming place where our kings once lived. Inside the temple there was a curtain, which hid the Goddess, Gorakh Kali (Kul Devta of Shah Dynasty). According to the Pujari, only the kings of Shah Dynasty could go inside. We then went to Gorkha museum. The museum was made with wood. 

The staircase, windows and  doors were made of strong wood, as there were no marks or cracks. Even the earthquake couldn’t destroy it. We found cultural dresses, pictures of people and their professions, old coins, utensils used in Puja, weapons, photos, drawings, handwriting of kings and queens, musical instruments and many more. There is a statue of Prithivi Narayan Shah outside the palace, showing we all are one. Hats off to those people involved in creating and preserving these arts and concepts. I was very much impressed by the museum. After we finished exploring Gorkha, we travelled back to Damauli. Once we were back, the journey to Kathmandu started the next morning. We were really sad to leave but we had to return. Bidding goodbye, we left for Kathmandu. But my mind was occupied by the fresh air, beautiful scenery, environment and delicious foods. I still remember those beautiful memories of this year’s Dashain.

In my opinion, people should really visit these beautiful places instead of travelling abroad. We have many beautiful, places and tourism sites that are yet to be admired. Most of the Nepalese don’t even try travelling to such places. I think people should visit the enchanting hidden places for promoting internal tourism in villages. Wey should preserve such historical and beautiful places for the next generation so that they don’t get destroyed, disappear or unnoticed.




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