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Published On: February 19, 2024 03:34 PM NPT By: Republica

Bridging Worlds: The Inspiring Journey of Dhan Schroeter and the Impact of Carisimo e.V.

Bridging Worlds: The Inspiring Journey of Dhan Schroeter and the Impact of Carisimo e.V.

The story of Dhan Schroeter is one of resilience, compassion, and cross-cultural philanthropy. Adopted from Nepal to Germany at the tender age of 13, Dhan's life transformed from the hardship of losing his parents at age 4 in Jumla, Nepal, to becoming an instrumental figure in humanitarian efforts across two nations.

Raised initially in the caring environment of Bal Mandir in Naxal, Dhan's early years were marked by perseverance and hard work, helping his aunt with household chores and fieldwork. His academic prowess earned him a scholarship at The Chandbagh School, paving the way for his eventual adoption in 2003 and relocation to Munich, Germany. In Germany, Dhan's adoptive mother, driven by a desire to give back to her son's homeland, embarked on a mission to build schools for Dalit children and establish orphanages.

Dhan played a crucial role in these projects, bridging the language and cultural gap between his mother and the Nepali villagers. His involvement went beyond translation; he poured his heart into giving the orphans the love and care he yearned for in his childhood. Since 2003, their collective efforts have led to the establishment of an orphanage in Kathmandu and a shift to Dhading to better manage costs. Under their care, 109 orphans and 180 Tamang students receive support, ensuring they have the opportunity to complete their studies.

Dhan's connection to Nepal remains strong. He visits the country 1-2 times a year to oversee these projects, maintaining his fluency in Nepali. In Munich, Dhan runs a translation company, assisting Nepalese students, refugees, and various other clients. His dedication to the Nepalese community in Germany is evident in his establishment of a football club for Nepalese students, reflecting his commitment to their well-being and integration.

Dhan's entrepreneurial spirit extends to the fashion industry, where he works with two German pashmina labels, helping them import high-quality pashmina from Nepal. His efforts in promoting Nepali jewelry companies at Inhorgenta Munich, a major jewelry exhibition in Germany, showcase his dedication to representing and uplifting Nepal on the international stage. The philanthropic reach of Dhan and his mother has expanded to address the needs of earthquake-affected families in Nepal.

They have innovated in construction techniques, using earth-filled rice sacks to build cost-effective houses. Their project in Nuwakot has already seen the construction of 147 houses, with volunteers from Germany actively participating. Their latest endeavors include providing winter clothing to 720 children in Bigutar, Okhaldhunga, and launching vocational training and agricultural projects in the Sindhupalchowk area, significantly impacting the Thami community.

The NGO, Carisimo e.V., led by President Dr. Rosi Schroeter, stands as a testament to the power of cross-cultural collaboration and the human spirit's capacity to effect change. Dhan Schroeter's life journey, from the mountains of Nepal to the heart of Germany, embodies a bridge of hope, resilience, and unwavering commitment to bettering the lives of those in need.

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