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Published On: May 2, 2022 01:30 PM NPT By: Susmita Aryal



I hate the idea of adulthood that

convince people it comes with age

To the wisdom you show is often to be mistaken

To be replaced with, 'you are still small and not big enough to make it.

The idea of adulthood is suffocating

When you aren't fully able to decipher what's being like an adult really 

When everything around seems going like just the day before you turned 20

When even asking for money from your parents became a second thought 

When you had a big circle of friends and now you just have a single contact in the call history

And the dinner table, the long conversations on petty issues were entertaining now became an idea of rivalry

Today, adulthood is suppressing 

And you crave for that one connection 

You want to be around 

You want to be heard 

You want to be seen

You want to be missed

Not for its sake, but for the heart 

who grew up but still has a child's heart is

waiting to be right here. 

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