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Published On: July 22, 2020 02:22 PM NPT By: Susmita Aryal

I want to ask why not black?

I want to ask why not black?

I still not to choose black because I know

I know, if I choose black over white

Or if I were to do so

I would either remain solitary

Or be a big failure,

Or be tormented for my eyes

For eyes, who no longer knows truth?

Is directed to tell a lie

I don't know for how long white exists

Or for how long I get praise for my beauty

For how long I would get over with white

Because I am tired, I am tired at uncertainty

I am scared, scared at the outcome

Amidst all this worldly colorful life

Amidst all the praises I received

Despite the cosmetology beautiful world

Where everything seems bright white

I strive to be originally colorful

Yes, I am striving to be the way i am; original

Original, because I have realized

I have realized that I am born natural

I am made natural by god and so

I strive for my individuality and I seek

I seek for my inner space

Where I get all my comforts

Where I get fully accepted for my color

For color is actually objective

Not subjective that touches your heart

Unlike the societal perception

That touches you and plays with your heart

Where you are bound within limits

Where you are always shown the way

Where you are chosen over skin tone

Where your preference is diverted

Where your choices are guided

Yet, I wonder whether I am really beautiful?

Beautiful as original or beautiful as cosmetology?

Beautiful as white or beautiful as black?

Just let me know, how am I beautiful?

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