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Published On: March 24, 2021 03:03 PM NPT By: Susmita Aryal

I dare to walk on a hush road…

I dare to walk on a hush road…

The rain is raining heavily 

I move my legs on the hush road

My gaze at the glinted diamond at the bus

I feel, i am the only one there

I take an extra step

Because i fear i am a girl only one there

My mind drifts off taking me back

Taking me back to the time

When my mom told not to head out alone

Because she is afraid if i am a girl only one there

But i dared to walk alone

I walked loner thinking strong on my head

I twisted my legs like a runner

As if i am there to play a marathon but

My energy drains thinking that i am a girl only one there

My heart beats weightier and my pace

I doubt, being a only girl, if i am only less

I try to walk upon, rounding up my shawl over my face

I stretched up my pinkish kurta over my chest

I tried not to leave my chest bare or transparent

I tried not to put on the bright red lip gloss 

Because i fear, if i am a girl only there

Walking swiftly on a hush road, is difficulty

And you never know what monster can come your way

You never know where your life will be headed

So, slowly, i take on a swift steps and gazed my eyelids to the ground

And i stopped

I stopped as i saw a giant monster coming to my side

I shifted my lane behind and walked on the road i had never been

Yet, the monster came along my way and caught me

I shifted a bit to the corner, walked like a hell

Yet several things glittered in front of my fiery eyes

To never to see my dreams and family again

I closed off my eyes for a bit 

And saw there was no one 

I saw that it was the only monster 

That was inside my head

And nothing else

So, what if i a girl walking on hush road

With a mid length bare chest 

A glowy bright red lips

Or a tight pinkish pyjama

Dare to walk alone, its not

Because i am just a girl, but i am a race 

I am that race of human that creates 

I am that race of human that builds

I am that race of human that makes history. 

So, i dare to walk alone on a hush road.


Poet- Susmita Aryal

Kathmandu, Nepal

slammed, rain, hush,

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