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Published On: November 17, 2019 08:16 AM NPT By: Mansi Karna

Abducted Daylight (Part II)

Abducted Daylight (Part II)

As I forlorn sit in there
My acute sorrow compels me
To make a wish for jolliness
A wish for my innate glee
And alas what is it I see
An angel kneeling on one knee
With scented red rose in his hand
Which he gladly offers me
"Will you be my love, my love
We shall live in broad daylight
I shall be your lover true
And shall shield you through the night”

Comes another angel near
From the sky to cheer me
“The sparkle of my gentle eyes
Will help you get your innate glee”
And alas what is I see
A couple more angels arise 
They say that into their eyes
The key for my delight lies
I look far into the skies
And muse upon my want for glee,
“Sorry angels, I don't want
You people to cheer me."

I come back to room to sleep
"I won't let them cheer me"
And I close my tired eyes
Forsaking the want of glee
But alas what is it I see
Radiant sunbeams on my bed
Here come the joyful times
Something I had looked ahead
So, I jump up off my bed
And dance on the tune of joy
Hoping that this soothing day
Will bring to me my lover boy!

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