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Published On: November 15, 2019 04:28 PM NPT By: Mansi Karna

Abducted daylight (Part I)

Abducted daylight (Part I)

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

The augmented ego of the dusk

Abducts daylight

I awaited sunny day

But fall into this night

I had dreamt of dancing to

The fancy amber glow of day

Dusk, like a sadist foe

Invites dismay

Now that night displays dark

And whispers in the devil's tone,

My guiltless heart aiming light

Agonizes all alone


I look out of window pane

The starry sky may cheer me

Its golden light may lamp my heart

Lending me my innate glee

But alas what is it I see

All these stars glowing gold

Have lovers adding to their light

Driving away their nightly cold

As for me, my loneliness

The distance from my lover boy

Is bound to keep me fierce cold

In lack of light, abstaining joy


I go out in garden zone

The youthful blooms may cheer me

Their attar may scent my soul

Lending me my innate glee

But alas what is it I see

Seedlings in the night, behold!

Dream and warm up very well

For the sweet days to unfold

As for me, my forlorn mind

Hovers over this dreary void

Which in night gets dire more

And chases me to paranoid

Slammed, abducted, daylight,

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