Published On: October 15, 2019 11:24 AM NPT By: Mansi Karna

The lantern

The lantern

In this world where darkness rules
And wherein dances fright
One does want a source of light
That may burn with might
So that no thorn pricks one’s soul
And no snake ever bites his feet
With which the severest jungle
Turns into illuminated street.

Thinking this, they gifted me
A lantern, seemingly elegant one
With whose advent into my life
The nearing of darkness begun
For I loved it to the moon
But it would, hardly everburn
It would never illuminate my path
And was severely stern.

Not that it could not flame
But it never wanted to
Upon being asked, it would say
"I have nothing to say to you"
And with time, its numbness grew
I motivated it and tried to say
That at least on darkest routes
It has got to illume my way.

But it would turn a deaf ear to 
All my requests, all my plea
And I would often stumble
Only for them to criticize me
That I could not walk even with
A lantern powerful as the sun
And that I did not deserve
A lantern elegant as this one.

But hardly do they know
About the wounds upon my feet
About the elegance of this lantern
That prevented me from its heat
Thus, I basically sit and muse
And sneer upon the fact that I
Have an elegant lantern that
Perhaps will flameonce I die.

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