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Published On: June 23, 2019 06:30 PM NPT By: Republica

10 food products that shouldn’t be placed inside a fridge

10 food products that shouldn’t be placed inside a fridge


Most of us have a fridge in our kitchen, which we often use to preserve food for longer time. We all think storing regular and leftover food in the fridge will keep them fresh. However, actually it  is useless freezing a range of food items. Here we have listed some of them:

1: Tomatoes:

whenever we return home from the supermarket, we immediately place all the vegetables inside a fridge without thinking of the consequences. It is true that refrigerator maintains a favorable humidity and temperature to maintain the freshness of the vegetables, but it is not true with tomatoes. Smell enters from tomato’s fragile membrane, which ruins the taste of the tomato. And in worst cases it might rot faster due to the unwanted fermentation.

2 Potatoes:

Potatoes are known as king of vegetables, as they is used in almost all Nepali dishes. It is highly consumed and people prefer buying it in bulk. If not taken proper care of, potatoes can rot all at a time, just like the famous Nepali proverb “eauta kuhiyeko aalu ke sab aalu kuhaucha” (one rotten potato can rot all potatoes). Potatoes are stored in cool and dark places but fridge’s temperature is extremely low for   potato preservation. If placed in the fridge starch present in the potato will be changed into a sugar turning entire potato sugary and ruining the original taste.

3 Garlic:

Garlic is the most common spices used in Nepali culinary. But this spice cannot be preserved in a cold temperature. If placed in the fridge, its color and tenderness will change soon, thus promoting the growth of fungus. That’s why placing garlic in a freeze will decay it faster.

4 Watermelon:

Its summer and juicy and fruity watermelon is highly preferred for salad, juice, or just for refreshment. But if you try to make them more refreshing by putting them inside freeze, the nutritional value of the fruit decreases because of the temperature in the fridge. That’s why it’s always better to store watermelons at a room temperature.

5 Honey:

Honey is the only food product which can be preserved for several years under room temperature. But if placed inside a refrigerator, its  taste will change and the new taste tastes bad than previous one.

6 Bread:

A fridge is used to preserve the food for longer period of time. Bread is preferred to be consumed soft, but if placed inside a fridge, it will dry out faster and becomes hard.

7 Almonds:

Almonds are an expensive food product and are consumed dried and crunchy. If placed inside the fridge,   they might get moist, ruining its texture, taste and crunchiness. And in a worst situation, almonds will sprout out due to the moisture. So the best way to preserve them is to put them in an airtight container and place them in room temperature.

8 Sauce:

Sauce or ketchups are made in such a way that their chemical composition will keep them fresh up to three years even after its first use. So it’s not mandatory to keep these products in a fridge .

9  Apple:

It is said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” And many people try eating at least an apple a day. But most of them fail to preserve their stock for long. Apple can be preserved for few weeks by garnishing your dining table, but if you think you are smart enough and place it inside your fridge, then its  crunchiness will be gone.

10 Raw bananas:

Raw bananas should not be refrigerated since doing so rots the fruit. Bananas can be preserved ripe by seething (wrapping) them and placing in an isolated place.

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