Woman in red

December 2, 2016 03:49 am

She believes that women have a ‘bargaining power’ which makes it easier for her to deal with people since she primarily handles the purchasing of raw materials for the spices.

Wanderlust in Annapurna

December 2, 2016 03:43 am

Every time we thought we had reached a mountain top and we would finally get to see that lake, we ended up being wrong and there was always another one to trek over. Every once in a while we felt like giving up but we persevered and finally reached Ice Lake.

Sikkim: Nature at its best

December 2, 2016 03:41 am

Throw in yummy local food, exotic Himalayan wildlife, picture-postcard landscapes and some great hikes in the mountains, and you have one of the best vacations you could ask for.

From fat to fit

December 2, 2016 01:25 am

Ashok Agrawal, 61, has been overweight ever since he was a small boy. He had been trying to lose weight since he could remember but the fat was stubborn and his weight kept fluctuating between 95 to 129 kilos. With a strict diet and regular exercise he would see the scales of the weight tip a little, but a slight mess up in his diet would increase the numbers on the scale drastically.

From a higher plane

December 2, 2016 01:23 am

Here we are endlessly feuding over which (tiny) provinces should get which (tinier) districts and there is this genius geologist telling me none of this matters because, ultimately, all the humanity will be part of the same contiguous landmass.

Cool man Ghising

December 2, 2016 01:20 am

For the general public who were gearing up to endure perhaps 18 hours of load shedding a day this winter, there is no greater hero than Kulman Ghising.

With prose and paint

December 2, 2016 00:11 am

Erina Tamrakar does as she believes. Since she has always considered art and literature to be each other’s best counterparts, she really enjoys bringing the two worlds together on her canvas whenever possible. The Week caught up with the artist and poetry enthusiast to talk about her favorite books and its influences in her work.

Adventure Film Festival 2016

December 2, 2016 00:08 am

Our goal has remained the same; to get more youths into adventure sports, provide a platform for emerging talents and to promote the outdoor culture with the hopes that as more youth get involved, they will take care of the area they ride, rock and camp.

A cuppa joy

December 1, 2016 23:55 pm

As the months get colder we must find various ways to warm ourselves and keep the winter blues away. The Week’s Reya Shreya Rai embarks on a mini journey around the city in search of winter friendly drinks that you can cozy up with. These places and the drinks are perfect for a weekend get together with friends and family.

Fitness enthusiasts

December 1, 2016 23:49 pm

Many of us go through the struggle of finding ways to motivate ourselves to stay fit. The Week set out to talk to those people who have found ways to motivate themselves to work out to find out how they manage to stay focused on fitness.