Basanta Adhikari, director and spokesperson of the Department of Transport Management (DoTM) shares his dream for his department. He wishes to have a task force especially dedicated to vehicle emission control. Ideally, he insists that he would have the designated team not only test the vehicles in a systematic manner with proper equipment but also seize polluting vehicles on the spot, if necessary.

World of its own

August 19, 2016 01:30 am

Even though I and my neighborhood friends mostly watched movies of Amitabh Bachachan and Govinda, we put posters of machine-gun-wielding Arnold in our rooms.

The happiness project

August 19, 2016 01:00 am

Achieving happiness and maintaining that state is a never-ending process that requires a lot of effort. Cultivating a positive mindset and acting on those things that make you happy while letting go of things that drag you down don’t come easy but there are many things you can do to build on it.

The birth of a writing career

August 19, 2016 00:30 am

After years of publishing articles, composing gazals and writing stories in private, Mandira Koirala Pandey (Mandira Madhusri) has finally written a book. Budhan Ghodi is a collection of 15 stories from across different regions of our country and at the moment, Pandey is busy promoting her work. The Week caught up with the novice writer to talk about the experience of her debut as well as women in Nepali literature.

The best of the best

August 19, 2016 00:02 am

Man Booker Prize is the literary prize awarded each year for the best original novel, written in English, and published in the UK. It’s an award bestowed on some of the most deserving and mind-blowing works in the history of English Literature. The Week presents the Booker Prize winning books that paved the path for the others to follow suit.

The weight you put on during your holidays tend to stick around for longer than you intended because, quite simply, many of us have trouble getting back into our earlier plans. However, there are some things I swear by to tackle the repercussions of your holiday dietary indulgences.

The suffocating state

August 18, 2016 21:00 pm

The concerned authority has given their side of the story. They have their own set of reasons for failing to control the capital’s air pollution resulting from vehicular emission. However, they also have concerns about the public’s apathy for this issue. If the citizens are also suffering from the vehicle emissions, why aren’t they letting their grievances be known? Perhaps some pressure on the government would finally bring about some reforms. The Week had a few people raise their voices on this issue.

Startup recruitment woes

August 12, 2016 04:55 am

“Every year we have more than 500,000 graduates ready to enter the job market. So we tend to have plenty of options if we are looking for freshers straight out of college. But indeed, we have to put in extra effort to locate experienced and skilled candidates.

Minimal expectations

August 12, 2016 04:30 am

It’s been a week since CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal was elected as Nepal’s prime minister for a second time. The 61-year-old leader promised to lead the nation toward economic development and work as a bridge between communities following deadly protests over a divisive new constitution.

Nepal’s economic downturn, lack of employment opportunities and youth migration are leading to the shortage of vibrant labor force. This has direct impact on our economy. However, this circle can be broken, if we act smartly. Now is the perfect opportunity for young people to help in rebuilding process.