KATHMANDU, Feb 23: Ncell emerged as the leading contributor to both royalty and the Rural Telecommunications Development Fund (RTDF) in the last fiscal year.

KATHMANDU, Oct 10: The government has collected Rs 65.9 million in royalty so far with the opening of mountain climbing for the autumn season of this year. The government collected the revenue from a total of 31 mountain climbing permits.

KATHMANDU, April 14: A total of 84 mountaineering teams have obtained permits till April 13 to climb various mountains and peaks in Nepal in this spring season. These expedition teams have a total of 689 members. The government was able to collect royalty of over Rs 373 million from the climbers seeking permits.

KATHMANDU, Feb 10: The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has decided to close down the Nepalgunj-based Dreamland Hotel for defaulting royalty over Rs 3.8 million for the operation of a casino business.

KATHMANDU, Jan 12: The government has collected Rs 1.68 million as royalty as of Saturday from mountaineers for winter expeditions to different mountains.

Mt Everest alone contributes Rs 361.4 million

KATHMANDU, March 22: National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission (NNRFC) has started homework for devising formulas for distributing royalties of five different types of natural resources among all three tiers of the government.

KATHMANDU, Jan 8: The government collected Rs 389.5 million in royalties from mountaineering expeditions in 2017, a growth of 27.61 percent compared to the earnings of 2016.

KATHMANDU, Oct 7: Local level units and provinces will get 25 percent each of the royalty collected on the use of natural resources, according to the bill on Inter-Governmental Financial Management  endorsed on Friday. The remaining 50 percent remains with the central government.

NEPALGUNJ, August 28: Disputes have emerged between the District Coordination Committee (DCC), Banke, and the local units over the royalty from natural resources and mines in the district.

KATHMANDU, Nov 3: Locals affected by the Melamchi Water Supply Project (MWSP) have demanded that they be paid royalty of Rs 5 per 10,000 liters of water supplied to the Kathmandu Valley.