Migratory birds start coming in Chitwan

November 21, 2023 14:49 pm

CHITWAN, Nov 21: Migratory birds from Nepal and foreign countries have started flocking to the Chitwan National Park and surroundings in Chitwan district.

Migratory birds in Nepal to escape winter

November 18, 2023 09:30 am

BELBARI (Morang), Nov 18: Migratory birds that come to Nepal to spend the winter have arrived in and around the rivers and wetlands of Nepal. The migratory birds start coming to Nepal with the arrival of the month of November.

KANCHANPUR, Dec 17: The mobility of migratory birds has started increasing in the rivers, lakes and wetlands of Kanchanpur district.

Migratory birds start arriving in Rara

January 8, 2020 09:42 am

MUGU, Jan 8: Rara Lake, the biggest lake of Nepal, has started witnessing the arrival of different species of migratory birds at this time of the year. A variety of migratory birds can be observed in the lake as well as the nearby forests.

ITAHARI, Nov 25: The number of birds in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR) has been decreasing in the recent times. Wildlife experts attribute this to the decreased in water levels in ponds and rivers, and lack of food for the birds in the reserve.

BHARATPUR, May 19: Nepal is a seasonal home to species of migratory birds which enjoy the atmosphere here for incubation, said a survey and observation based on the Chitwan National Park and adjoining community forests.

ITAHARI, Dec 18: Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR), which has earned itself the reputation of “birds’ paradise”, has welcomed a disappointingly low number of migratory birds this year.